19 February – 2 April
Vector Monarca
An exhibition by Patrick Beaulieu and Daniel Canty
19 February – Vernissage and launch of the
Espacio México, Montréal, Canada

2055, rue Peel — 1000
Montréal (Québec)
Canada H3A 1V4
t 514 288-2502 x 237
Directed by Patrick Beaulieu, Daniel Canty and Ghassan Fayad, with the
collaboration of Kung Fu Numerik team and Studio Feed

21 February
Bridge of butterflies
Multimedia concert
Concert hall of the Montreal Conservatory of Music
4750, Henri-Julien, Montreal.
Montreal/New Music International Festival 2009, ECM+, ONIX ensamble with projections by Patrick Beaulieu


1 August to this day
Vector Monarca
Permanent public exhibition of the Monarca Mobile
Manuel Martínez Solórzano Museum of Natural History, Morelia, Mexique

14 May
Monarch Vectors - migrations/transmigrations
Publication of a dossier on the Citizen Shift website
National Film Board of Canada

16 April
Metamorfosis del soplo
Publication of a geopoetic map of the journey
« 34 d’octembre 2007 » and « Metamorfosis del soplo», essays
Manuel Martínez Solórzano Museum of Natural History, Morelia, Mexico
Texts : Daniel Canty
Graphic design : Patrick Beaulieu
Spanish translation : Estela López Solís
Published with the support of the Delegación General de Québec en México
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08 March
Vector Monarca
Multimedia interventions around the Monarca Mobile
Benito Juárez Central Plaza, Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico

29 February to April 6
Vector Monarca
Alfredo Zalce Museum of Contemporary Art, Morelia, Mexique


03 October – 05 November
Vector Monarca
Continental odyssey on board the Monarca Mobile, from Montréal
(Québec) to the state of Michoacán (Mexico), trailing by way of land
the migratory trajectory of the monarch butterflies.

Multimedia interventions around the Monarca Mobile
05 November - Conservatorio de las Rosas, Michoacán, Mexico
27 October - Querétaro City Museum, Querétaro, Mexico
11 October - University School of Nashville
10 October - Fugitive Projects, Watkins School of Art and Design

15 September
Histoires de paysages – Centre EstNordEst
Patrick Beaulieu in artist’s residency
Mulitmedia intervention with Daniel Canty around the Monarca Mobile
Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec
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12 - 17 August
Interactive Screen 07 - Monarc Vector
Presentation and exhibition of the project
Banff new media institute, Banff center, Alberta, Canada

11 January - 10 February
An exhibition by Patrick Beaulieu
Art Mûr Gallery, Montréal, Canada

« Métamorphose du souffle », essay
Publication of an art book
Writing and graphic design : Daniel Canty
Illustration: Patrick Beaulieu
Construction : Carl Simard
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Daniel Canty, « La Méthode Papillon », essay, in Invitation, Art-Mûr, Montréal, January-February 2007, p. 4-5.
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